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The Top 3 Youth Political Organizations to Join

Whether you are thinking of going into politics one day or you just want to be heard when it comes to youth rights, there are a number of youth political organizations that you can join.

National Youth Rights Association (NYRA)

This is the largest youth led organization in the US when it comes to civil and youth rights. There are approximately ten thousand members who concentrate on removing and lowering legal restrictions that have been placed on the youths of today in America.

The restrictions these youths are fighting including mandatory school attendance, voting and drinking ages. They are also fighting to make the adoption process easier, enabling more families to home children in need.

The National Youth Rights Association or NYRA was incorporated in Maryland in 1998 and the current Executive Director has overseen the organization since 2000. He has even been featured in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and on Fox News discussing the points the youth group is tackling at the time, giving them their voice.

The Freechild Project

The Freechild Project is located in Washington and creates connections between youths and adults. Their main focus is concentrating on youths being able to participate in actions which affect them. Their main priority is youth empowerment and they have a large number of members who are helping them achieve their cause.

The Freechild Project is actively working on globalization, illegal child labor and poverty. They also tackle educational issues including home schooling, student rights and school reform. They are also busy with identity issues, social issues and democracy issues including foster care involvement, government involvement and community planning.
Mexican American Youth Organization

The Mexican American Youth Organization was formed in 1967 in Texas and is aimed at fighting Mexican-American rights. It was formed by five youth activists in San Antonio where the forty per cent Mexican residents were powerless.

The Mexican American Youth Organization is now actively involved in voter registration and their aim is to achieve equality for Mexican Americans. They were responsible for the eighteen school staged walkouts which lead to Mexican school board members.

The group concentrates on economic independence, local educational control and political strength.