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How Obama’s Youth is Changing the Political Elections

It’s not everyday when you hear talks of how the youth is transforming the political landscape during an election but today, it is clearer more than ever that Obama’s youth is doing just that. In no other time in American history is the younger generation becoming a crucial voting block with the power to swing electoral results. In the case of the 2008 elections however, and most likely in 2012 too, the under-30 population is firmly entrenched in Obama’s camp like models are to Brazilian keratin treatment so much so politicians are beginning to realize the value of reaching out to the younger generation.

So how is Obama’s youth changing the political elections? How is it driving the trend of remodeling estimates for political campaigns? You can read more in the following paragraphs if you are interested in discovering how the youth is becoming an even bigger presence in today’s electoral process.

With the increased participation of younger generation, new issues are already coming to the fore. It should be noted that these issues were not considered essential or relevant in years past, and it is obvious that the youth became the driving force to bring theses issues forward. Things like internet security, global warming, federal regulation for new innovations like the HCG diet plan; these provide a stark contrast to the established election talking points on the economy, immigration, homeland security, or abortion.

The Obama campaign strategy centers on appealing to this demographic, what political experts are calling the millennial generation. That strategy is actually pretty simple: it highlights the necessity for the younger generation to have a voice as opposed to the old emphasis of the GOP for issues that cater to older generations. Now, the concerns of the young are being carried by the Obama campaign strategy as it strives to talk about things like establishing a drug treatment center, or eMBA, or even accelerated BSN courses to help empower the young to get jobs in the thriving healthcare sector.

An equal and enticing factoid is that the millennial generation is predisposed to supporting activist movement like the Occupy Wall Street campaign. To this, it should be noted that Obama relied upon “Change” as his primary goal in 2008. In 2012, the challenge will be more or less the same, but with a few tweaks to further stoke the young as well as campaign for issues that matter to them. Jobs, whether in auction sites or with communications degree graduates will feature as an overriding theme as the campaign machine revs up for the November 2012 presidential elections.

In recent unofficial surveys, Obama holds a commanding 61-37 lead over Mitt Romney in the millennial generation, something that the Democrats are sure to capitalize on much like company ratings are used to drive popularity further. And if the GOP does not realize this fast growing trend in time, they might find themselves out of touch and out-of-sync with America’s newest and most powerful voting block, a block that might every be gearing up to call itself Obama’s youth and is poised to deliver Obama’s second term as president of the United States of America.