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What is Democracy?

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February 24, 2013 by Jimmy Polper

Majority would talk about democracy in a more in-depth philosophical nature when in fact it can be simplified in the most logical manner all can understand.  And this is having an equal say to any decision that a governing body makes that will affect the lives of all people to include the ones with high school education, higher degree, or even the illiterates, the handicapped, and the incapable.

Democracy is to respect free will of the humanity which entails embracing it a huge responsibility.  A democratic country honours the feeling and thinking mind of every individual that is under its constituency.  Yet, every decision needs to consider the moral values a nation upholds and is protective of its culture and tradition. Despite bliss over enjoying one’s free will is a gigantic responsibility that surely will cause as backpain and other more challenging feats.  This is as opposed to freedom a layman knows. Democracy gives every legible citizen of one’s nation a great power over himself or herself and the manner he or she overcomes every challenge comes her way. And as from our classic Spiderman says, “With great power comes a great responsibility”.

Every human being is entitled to freedom. Even a child needs some degree of it to exercise individuality and to give him or her spacious room for growth. But for a society that shuts off any reason to respect democracy, no matter how people craves to enjoy human rights, they cannot just get it now unless some outside force or perhaps a strong one or a fearless voice within will courageously fight for it. United States is a country that greatly respects every being, every dream and aspiration one has; and fully upholds that each is born with different personalities and characters; and will grow up with his or her own set of opinions and beliefs over certain matter. And the government copes with each of these. However, as seen on TV or as we watch online, we realize that there are many countries that practice otherwise to include women and children being oppressed that even a car accident attorney who is ignorant of the real big issue can acquit perpetrators who belong to the ruling class. There, we conclude that respect for humans is far from possibility if democracy is not granted. No one who belongs to the masses is heard no matter how he or she is capable of reason.

Democracy is not as how SEO works. Society cannot just strategize to achieve it and given the right tactics, people find it. It cannot be successfully searched through series of clicks. Neither, it should rank second or third.  It remains as a priority to achieve it. To do so, there should be a persistent, courageous, and fearless voice to influence the entirety to fight for it. As it could be a great responsibility, it is the only way to redeem our own identity and exercise what God has bestowed to each of us—the gift of freewill!

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