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Obama’s 2012 Political Campaign Strategy

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March 24, 2012 by admin

In the summer of 2011, Barack Obama announced that he is running for a re-election for the coming presidential term. It created different opinions and comments from different sectors of the public. It also made citizens watch him more closely and anticipate his every decision about governing the country.
From his 2008 campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe In”, people are now wondering on what direction the 2012 campaign would be. He can either support the environment and get the votes from all the green surf shop owners or focus on information technology development projects that would get him the support of masters in computer science degree holders. Truthfully, nobody knows what will be his next move. He even decided to base the campaign headquarters in Chicago. It’s not like putting his staff at the Office Space London but it was a much unexpected move as no presidential candidate has ever put his campaign office outside Washington D.C.

His campaign staff is also varied and diverse. He did not just choose people that have a business management degree or MS Finance. Instead, he chose people that can represent a certain group or organization from the public. His endorsement list is composed of people from different sectors such as politicians, labor unions, writers, athletes, entertainers and even fashion designers. Eva Longoria for example is an actress and a philanthropist at the same time. Obama’s team is counting on her support to Obama which would only mean that all her fans and followers would hold to her beliefs and support him as well. You do not have to have a Masters in Social Work to understand that this is a strategy Obama’s group is doing to be able relate to more groups of people and carry in more votes.

Another important aspect of Obama’s drive is the amount of money they have to spend on the campaign itself. It is estimated that they need a billion dollars to cover the whole country. From the moment he announced his candidacy, the fundraising drive also started. Your status in the economy does not matter at all, you can be the person that does the car battery delivery and still donate any amount you can to support your choice.

Obama has truly accumulated supporters and haters along his reign as the current president of the United States. He made many decisions that gathered opposing beliefs from different sectors in the government and the public. Even an anti aging cream would not erase all the current problems and the anticipated situations in the country. Winning the hearts of his people is not as easy as winning a championship with a cheat at scrabble. His campaign would determine his future in the next elections as well as the progress he can make with his current governance.

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