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The Top 3 Youth Political Organizations to Join

Whether you are thinking of going into politics one day or you just want to be heard when it comes to youth rights, there are a number of youth political organizations that you can join.

National Youth Rights Association (NYRA)

This is the largest youth led organization in the US when it comes to civil and youth rights. There are approximately ten thousand members who concentrate on removing and lowering legal restrictions that have been placed on the youths of today in America.

The restrictions these youths are fighting including mandatory school attendance, voting and drinking ages. They are also fighting to make the adoption process easier, enabling more families to home children in need.

The National Youth Rights Association or NYRA was incorporated in Maryland in 1998 and the current Executive Director has overseen the organization since 2000. He has even been featured in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and on Fox News discussing the points the youth group is tackling at the time, giving them their voice.

The Freechild Project

The Freechild Project is located in Washington and creates connections between youths and adults. Their main focus is concentrating on youths being able to participate in actions which affect them. Their main priority is youth empowerment and they have a large number of members who are helping them achieve their cause.

The Freechild Project is actively working on globalization, illegal child labor and poverty. They also tackle educational issues including home schooling, student rights and school reform. They are also busy with identity issues, social issues and democracy issues including foster care involvement, government involvement and community planning.

Mexican American Youth Organization

The Mexican American Youth Organization was formed in 1967 in Texas and is aimed at fighting Mexican-American rights. It was formed by five youth activists in San Antonio where the forty per cent Mexican residents were powerless.

The Mexican American Youth Organization is now actively involved in voter registration and their aim is to achieve equality for Mexican Americans. They were responsible for the eighteen school staged walkouts which lead to Mexican school board members.

The group concentrates on economic independence, local educational control and political strength.

Joining Youth Organizations

If you believe in something strongly enough and are looking for the top three youth political organizations to join, then they are listed above. Each works hard to tackle important youth issues from voting ages to community planning issues.

Joining one of these groups if you believe you need to be heard can help you make a change in your future. The Freechild Project for example, concentrates on foster care involvement and social issues. They handle all sorts of issues including student rights and home schooling. The National Youth Rights Association works hard to be heard with its ten thousand members all fighting for the same causes from voting ages to mandatory school attendance and adoption processes.

These groups work really hard to ensure that the youth of America have a voice when it comes to decisions and actions that directly affect them.

How the Youth is Connecting Politically through Social Media

These days everyone uses the internet for everything. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a housewife doing her weekly shop, a husband looking for a window installation company or the youths connecting with friends and acquaintances through social media.

Social media has become a huge hype, everyone has an account. It is the ideal way to stay in contact with family and friends whether they live next door or half the way around the world. It’s a place for connections and this is one of the main reasons why the youths are connecting through social media on a political level.

Social media is so easy to use, you don’t need an mba online degree, and you just need a computer with internet connection. Through constant updates you can easily get your message across without phone calls or flyers, making it appealing to youths who can stay constantly updated.

A prime example of how social media unites the youths of today is the riots which recently took place all over the UK. These were held in various cities across the country and when they looked into it further found that youths were encouraging contacts in different cities to riot.

You almost need a criminal justice degree online to manage the amount of politics that take place through social media sites. These sites are not only used by the youths, you can find flats to rent in Cape Town, information on the melaleuca foundation and if you really want to you can probably find a mesothelioma lawyer.

So how does it all work?

Social media sites are made up of connections. Each person will have a handful of friends with the ability to become fans of various political groups and pages
Through these pages and friends notifications are sent out regarding upcoming events, much like when we all found out about PPI mis selling.
With these updates, friends can update friends, pages update followers and the information moves through the contacts at a rapid rate.

If you’re looking for a way for reconciliação you can do it via social media, it will get to where you need it to go with flying speed.

Social media has shaped the way we communicate, the way we stay in touch with friends and family and the way businesses market their products. You’ll find that interesting ebooks such as yeast infection no more will have their own page with their own followers, this way their followers can tell friends and family when there are interesting updates.

Through the marketplace you can find things to buy and sell such as an ebook reader and you can find services with ease as the majority of companies have their own social media pages which are constantly being updated.

Need an air-conditioning expert? Pearland air conditioning probably has a page. This is how the youths manage to stay connected politically, get their information to as many people as possible and rally together as a group in all corners of the globe.

How Obama’s Youth is Changing the Political Elections

It’s not everyday when you hear talks of how the youth is transforming the political landscape during an election but today, it is clearer more than ever that Obama’s youth is doing just that. In no other time in American history is the younger generation becoming a crucial voting block with the power to swing electoral results. In the case of the 2008 elections however, and most likely in 2012 too, the under-30 population is firmly entrenched in Obama’s camp like models are to Brazilian keratin treatment so much so politicians are beginning to realize the value of reaching out to the younger generation.

So how is Obama’s youth changing the political elections? How is it driving the trend of remodeling estimates for political campaigns? You can read more in the following paragraphs if you are interested in discovering how the youth is becoming an even bigger presence in today’s electoral process.

With the increased participation of younger generation, new issues are already coming to the fore. It should be noted that these issues were not considered essential or relevant in years past, and it is obvious that the youth became the driving force to bring theses issues forward. Things like internet security, global warming, federal regulation for new innovations like the HCG diet plan; these provide a stark contrast to the established election talking points on the economy, immigration, homeland security, or abortion.

The Obama campaign strategy centers on appealing to this demographic, what political experts are calling the millennial generation. That strategy is actually pretty simple: it highlights the necessity for the younger generation to have a voice as opposed to the old emphasis of the GOP for issues that cater to older generations. Now, the concerns of the young are being carried by the Obama campaign strategy as it strives to talk about things like establishing a drug treatment center, or eMBA, or even accelerated BSN courses to help empower the young to get jobs in the thriving healthcare sector.

An equal and enticing factoid is that the millennial generation is predisposed to supporting activist movement like the Occupy Wall Street campaign. To this, it should be noted that Obama relied upon “Change” as his primary goal in 2008. In 2012, the challenge will be more or less the same, but with a few tweaks to further stoke the young as well as campaign for issues that matter to them. Jobs, whether in auction sites or with communications degree graduates will feature as an overriding theme as the campaign machine revs up for the November 2012 presidential elections.

In recent unofficial surveys, Obama holds a commanding 61-37 lead over Mitt Romney in the millennial generation, something that the Democrats are sure to capitalize on much like company ratings are used to drive popularity further. And if the GOP does not realize this fast growing trend in time, they might find themselves out of touch and out-of-sync with America’s newest and most powerful voting block, a block that might every be gearing up to call itself Obama’s youth and is poised to deliver Obama’s second term as president of the United States of America.

Obama’s 2012 Political Campaign Strategy

In the summer of 2011, Barack Obama announced that he is running for a re-election for the coming presidential term. It created different opinions and comments from different sectors of the public. It also made citizens watch him more closely and anticipate his every decision about governing the country.
From his 2008 campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe In”, people are now wondering on what direction the 2012 campaign would be. He can either support the environment and get the votes from all the green surf shop owners or focus on information technology development projects that would get him the support of masters in computer science degree holders. Truthfully, nobody knows what will be his next move. He even decided to base the campaign headquarters in Chicago. It’s not like putting his staff at the office space london but it was a much unexpected move as no presidential candidate has ever put his campaign office outside Washington D.C.

His campaign staff is also varied and diverse. He did not just choose people that have a business management degree or ms finance. Instead, he chose people that can represent a certain group or organization from the public. His endorsement list is composed of people from different sectors such as politicians, labor unions, writers, athletes, entertainers and even fashion designers. Eva Longoria for example is an actress and a philanthropist at the same time. Obama’s team is counting on her support to Obama which would only mean that all her fans and followers would hold to her beliefs and support him as well. You do not have to have a masters in social work to understand that this is a strategy Obama’s group is doing to be able relate to more groups of people and carry in more votes. Care to join his campaign? Visit his website fore more information on his 2012 campaign.

Another important aspect of Obama’s drive is the amount of money they have to spend on the campaign itself. It is estimated that they need a billion dollars to cover the whole country. From the moment he announced his candidacy, the fundraising drive also started. Your status in the economy does not matter at all, you can be the person that does the car battery delivery and still donate any amount you can to support your choice.

Obama has truly accumulated supporters and haters along his reign as the current president of the United States. He made many decisions that gathered opposing beliefs from different sectors in the government and the public. Even an anti aging cream would not erase all the current problems and the anticipated situations in the country. Winning the hearts of his people is not as easy as winning a championship with a cheat at scrabble. His campaign would determine his future in the next elections as well as the progress he can make with his current governance.

How to Become a Politician

If you are interesting in learning how to become a politician, you could start here. You are not going to have to call any 800 numbers and listen to a soothing voice explain to you the process of becoming a politician. All you need to do is read full report displayed below and pay attention to the thing you shall be able to learn. Everything else should fall into order soon enough.

First of all, you are going to need to start by figuring out exactly why you would like to become a politician. Is it the fame or the thought that you are likely to go to talk shows? Is it because you feel the need to enjoy all the glamour or do you honestly possess a sincere interest in making some important political changes? If creating an action alert is the one thing that truly interest you, you should go ahead and move forward to the next step to becoming a politician.

Just like having to pick the best anti wrinkle creams while paying a great deal of attention to the process, you are going to have to do the same upon choosing the political party you are going to join. You are going to think real hear whether you are going to want to be on the Republicans’ or the Democrats’ side. The Democratic and the Republican parties are the two main political parties in the United sated of America, so if you are planning on becoming a politician here, you are going to have to make the right pick and stick to it. Staying loyal to your party is going to be of utter importance next.

Finding a mentor within the political party you have chosen to opt for should also prove to be a great thing to do. Find someone you truly admire and try and pick his brains and ask for advice every tome that you can. Experience is extremely important in politics and newbies are going to need all the guidance they can get.

You are not going to have to pay for your spot as a politician or as a member of the party you are interested in, so you shall not need to find an advantageous cash advance online service. At first, it is highly recommended that you volunteer for the political party you are interested in. this way, you shall get to know all of the ins and the outs of it and be better prepared to officially join hands with the rest of politicians there.

Make sure you pay a lot of attention to the things you are most interested in doing, just like you would be interested in attending your own Smartpet website. Then, you could directly apply for a government job or even run for office if you are confident enough.

How to Decide Which United States President to Vote for in 2012?

Election is one of the democratic ways where people could directly participate in the government. Through voting, people can express their right to choose who will govern them. With plurality vote, the next administration will be proclaimed which will mark another part of the history.

In United States of America, their President is voted for a four-year term. Following the present chief executive in the person of Pres. Barack Obama, new candidates will be presented vying for the most coveted position in the land. Americans will once again be posed with the challenge of deciding whom to vote in the November 2012 Presidential which is not as easy as downloading with the use of free microsoft points codes.

So, for those who have troubles in thinking to which among the candidates to choose, it is best to start with a search online. Visit site which you think could give good insights as to what aspects to remember before you cast your vote. Take note of important points so will be guided that even if you will have a short vacation to South Africa, upon returning in time for the election you are certain to whom to vote among the candidates.

Now, one thing you really have to consider in choosing the President is to look for someone who is really honest. Take time to become familiar with the background of each candidate. Check extra resources so you will know if the person has been honest with all aspects in his life and if he has been true to his commitments in public service. See if the person walks his talk and has been consistently true to his words.

Then, read about their view on different issues that affects the country as a whole. You would really not like to vote someone whose view on particular issues is not acceptable to many people. Their stand on issues are quite revealing so do not miss out the chance to get more info about it.
Another thing you must look upon is the commitment of the candidate for the betterment of the country. See if you could really rejoice and sing merrily with your taylor guitars as they will improve the economy, promote safety and security, advance the rights of the people and others. Know if they have concrete plans in order to do things that will be beneficial to the citizens.

Lastly, look for someone whose person who really can believe in. Look not for party affiliation. Voting is not like sticking to a diet regime on how to lose weight quickly, it is more complex yet your decision must not rely on your belief in a particular party. Sort out carefully your options and weigh who among the candidates you would support whom you feel will really make a difference in your country.

The Ultimate Political Strategy for Success

Employing certain political strategies in order to achieve success is not an overnight activity. Let’s take for example success in leadership. The adage that says , “Leaders are not born but made”, actually presents leadership in a realistic sense. Indeed, becoming the best leader is actually a combination of hard work, dedication and love for work and people. Without these things, strategies become hollow tactics that lead to nowhere. Being a leader is actually an outcome of a series of events and opportunities taken positively. Leadership actually starts small. From following a basic instruction to carrying out big tasks, leadership entails one to undergo the things that his followers are to perform. It is only in identifying one’s self with others that leadership becomes more effective. Unlike the somanabolic muscle maximizer software that follows certain formulas to develop a fit and lean body, leadership has no specific formulas. There are certain things that work for some and are not effective on others.

As experienced by many, failures are actually predecessors of success. If Thomas Edison stopped trying after several failures we would not be enjoying the luxury of bright lights at night. Also, if Einstein stopped believing in his wild ideas, what would have happened to the ideas that we are now practicing daily? Success in leadership also entails courage on the part of a person. Taking one courageous step is actually a smarter choice than staying on the same ground, being stagnant. Asking about the shortcuts to success is like asking how to lose cellulite overnight. Truthfully, success has no shortcuts. It is a process accompanied by many defeats and lessons along the way. The important thing is to keep on keeping on.

Some people, while on their ladder to success, sometimes believe that their security is similar to that being offered by car insurance companies when they experience a bit of heightened moments. However, there’s actually no room for mediocrity when it comes to achieving success. One should always do his best each time, in each moment.

When it comes to success in politics, the victory of a campaign actually depends on the effort and dedication being exerted by the person involved and the support system that he’s got. At present, people are now more aware of the implications of certain actions being done by the challenger and the incumbent. From choosing health services such as having a dentist Salem Oregon appointment to reading a simple fantasy football advice, people are now becoming more observant to the candidates’ personal lives. Although for some, morality issues may not be of great concern, certain people still believe that how people conduct themselves in private, away from the public, matters a lot. In order to effectively lead a certain locality or even a nation, the leader needs to set a good example to his people. Of course, nobody is perfect but the efforts exerted towards becoming the best that one can be determine the likelihood of doing the same to one’s own locality.

President Obama’s Future Plans

The United States of America has just culminated its election on November 6, 2012, with President Barack Obama reclaiming the presidency seat for another four years. From the start of his campaign, there have been news and events that created buzz about him, especially the so-called Obama phone, but all of them have eventually died down. With his second term, he is intent on securing a fresh economic commitment by creating more jobs and establishes an added security for middle-class citizens. His future agenda is divided primarily to seven parts, focusing on taxes and tax deductions, education and training, manufacturing plant developments, healthcare enhancement, and energy resources improvement among others. Believing that the middle class citizens are the backbone of the growing economy, the immediate plans will harness their capability to address economic augmentation by providing what they need to perform such functions.

Among the most anticipated plans of the President is his determination to create a million jobs by the end of 2016, as his policies have strengthened the manufacturing businesses, enabling them to go there and create around half a million jobs in just over two years. He is also keen to grow small businesses doing stuff like west coast flooring, trading items, selling household goods and merchandises and the like, as in most cases, they are the ones generating jobs in the country. By reducing the taxes, they are able to maximize their resources by expanding their business. Another important aspect that he is most inclined to deal with is establishing quality education. In order to provide the best service for a certain job, a proper education must be in place by hiring more school teachers particularly in science and math subjects. Quality education and the right amount of training in different craft mean that citizens can pretty much create their way of living, like making coconut oil for face.

The President has also stressed out the country’s high dependency rate on imported oil, and has envisioned cutting half of the foreign oil importation by year 2020. Instead of buying from other countries, he is strongly encouraging the development of domestic energy creation that will in turn generate 600,000 manpower services. As far as health care is concerned, a landmark law was passed to increase access to economical insurance systems so as to do away with unexpected expenses in relation to health issues, and for children to be covered by their parents’ insurance’s article properties until they reach the age of 26. Lastly, the president has put up plans to maintain guaranteed benefits upon the citizen’s retirement from their work cubicles.

The plans of the President for the next four years have a sole intention: to continue to augment the growth of the US economy by growing the benefits allocated to the citizens firsthand. This way, quality of life will be elevated, leading to a much stronger output over the subsequent years. In general, President Obama’s ideals will indeed make the country a lot better in all aspects if the above will be carried out accordingly.

What is Democracy?

Majority would talk about democracy in a more in-depth philosophical nature when in fact it can be simplified in the most logical manner all can understand.  And this is having an equal say to any decision that a governing body makes that will affect the lives of all people to include the ones with high school education, higher degree, or even the illiterates, the handicapped, and the incapable.

Democracy is to respect free will of the humanity which entails embracing it a huge responsibility.  A democratic country honours the feeling and thinking mind of every individual that is under its constituency.  Yet, every decision needs to consider the moral values a nation upholds and is protective of its culture and tradition. Despite bliss over enjoying one’s free will is a gigantic responsibility that surely will cause as back pain and other more challenging feats.  This is as opposed to freedom a layman knows. Democracy gives every legible citizen of one’s nation a great power over himself or herself and the manner he or she overcomes every challenge comes her way. And as from our classic Spiderman says, “With great power comes a great responsibility”.

Every human being is entitled to freedom. Even a child needs some degree of it to exercise individuality and to give him or her spacious room for growth. But for a society that shuts off any reason to respect democracy, no matter how people craves to enjoy human rights, they cannot just get it now unless some outside force or perhaps a strong one or a fearless voice within will courageously fight for it. United States is a country that greatly respects every being, every dream and aspiration one has; and fully upholds that each is born with different personalities and characters; and will grow up with his or her own set of opinions and beliefs over certain matter. And the government copes with each of these. However, as seen on TV or as we watch online, we realize that there are many countries that practice otherwise to include women and children being oppressed that even a car accident attorney who is ignorant of the real big issue can acquit perpetrators who belong to the ruling class. There, we conclude that respect for humans is far from possibility if democracy is not granted. No one who belongs to the masses is heard no matter how he or she is capable of reason.

Democracy is not as how SEO works. Society cannot just strategize to achieve it and given the right tactics, people find it. It cannot be successfully searched through series of clicks. Neither, it should rank second or third.  It remains as a priority to achieve it. To do so, there should be a persistent, courageous, and fearless voice to influence the entirety to fight for it. As it could be a great responsibility, it is the only way to redeem our own identity and exercise what God has bestowed to each of us—the gift of freewill!

Erica Williams on Youth Politics

Top countries having Nuclear Power

Of all the viable sources of energy, nuclear power is probably the most controversial since we easily tend to associate it with the nuclear bomb.  Although there is an apparent high-risk danger to its use as evidenced by nuclear power plant accidents, such as those in Chernobyl in 1986 and in Fukushima, Japan in 2011, many countries are still using nuclear power as an alternative source of electricity.  We present here the top 5 countries with nuclear power capabilities in 2014 as presented by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) and can be read here

United States

Ranked 1st, the United States has the most number of operational reactors with a total number of 100 commercial reactors.  The combined 65 pressurized water reactors and 35 boiling water reactors are given the license to run in 65 nuclear power plants.  In 2011 alone, the nuclear power plants supplied about 19.2% of the country’s total electric energy generation.  In 2013, the nuclear power plants produced a total of 790 TWh of electricity, making the United States as the world’s largest supplier of commercial nuclear power.


France is 2nd on the list with 58 operational reactors.  Of all the countries, France is the most dependent on nuclear power.  About 74.85% of electricity production comes from nuclear power.  Thus, nuclear power is the primary source of energy in France since the 1980s.  Almost half of France’s operational nuclear reactors have been in constant operation for over 40 years.


With 48 operational reactors, Japan is 3rd on the list.  Before the 2011 earthquake and tsunami catastrophe that resulted to the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Japan relied about 30% of its electricity power consumption from nuclear reactors.  Today, the remaining operational nuclear reactors supply about 18.1% of the country’s total electricity production.


Russia has about 33 operational nuclear reactors and it ranks 4th on the list.  The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster did not hinder Russia from continuing its efforts to use nuclear power as one of its sources of energy.  Russia stepped up developments to install more safety features into its existing nuclear power plants.  As a response to the 2011 Japan nuclear accidents, Russia performs stress tests in all reactors for earthquake readiness.  The country gets about 17.8% of its electricity production from nuclear power plants.

South Korea

4th on the list is South Korea with 23 operational nuclear reactors.  The 23 reactors generate about 20.5 GWe and supply 29% of the country’s total electrical production.  South Korea is planning to build more reactors in order to increase the nuclear reactor’s share of electricity production to 60% by the year 2035.

Obviously, the use of nuclear power to generate electricity has its benefits and potential dangers.  It’s like making a website using dreamweaver templates.  You’re not sure if it will work or not.  If you believe it will work, then follow it with more research.  Click here for more information about nuclear power.